Monitoring stocks on social networks like Twitter and Reddit is time consuming.

Built with the latest machine learning technology, watches multiple social media websites. We graph the sentiment and popularity of posts related to the stocks you trade.

Each Industry

We operate over 100 neural networks, each trained specifically to an industry. That makes our AI smarter.

Always Learning

We continuously train our AI in each industry with new social media posts to be as accurate as possible in predicting sentiment.

Keep Watch

Maintain a watch list and check the trending sentiments of all of your stock investments at once.

Get Notified

Receive an email of any stocks you watch which saw significant changes in sentiment the prior day.

Aggregated Daily

Our systems compile sentiment scores daily to show you trends over time. See which stocks people are talking about that can move the market.

Our Mission watches social media so you don't have to. We believe social network activity can help inform investors of the positive and negative opinions people hold of a company. While we can't use this information to predict stock price movements, our analysis is a valuable addition to a broader investment strategy.

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