API: Getting Started


We monitor social media for mentions of many stocks on the NASDAQ and NYSE exchanges. We run these posts through our machine learning algorithms and use the results to generate a score based on sentiment and post popularity. We watch for references to company names and sometimes even their products to gather all types of posts. Browse or use the API to see which companies we track.


Your API key and subscription details can be found on your account page.

To authenticate with our API you must pass your token in the Authorization header in the following format:

Authorization: Token [your token]

You must not share or expose this token on a website. Only you are authorized to use it. If it accidentally gets shared with others please go to your account page and generate a new token.

Rate & Data Limits

Daily request rate limits are based on your subscription level. Our highest subscription level has no daily limit. All subscribers are limited to 5 requests per second.

Your subscription also decides how much historical data you may access. Again, our highest subscription level has no data limits.

See your account page to for subscription details and to make changes.


The complete documentation explains every API endpoint and gives you the ability to try them without writing any code.

We also offer OpenAPI / Swagger files for your convenience in both JSON and YAML formats.

Please contact support if you have any questions.

HTTP Response Codes
  • 200 - Success
  • 400 - Invalid request - Response body will include a description of the details
  • 404 - Not found
  • 429 - Exceeded rate limit
  • 500 - Server error