Hershey Company (The) (HSY)

Industry: Specialty Foods

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... plans to make up to 45,000 face masks a day

After this is over you WILL see me at hershey park know that

Question. Is the chocolate that the Hershey company uses the same chocolate that other companies use and somehow ...

... for dropping off some sweets at Station 1 today! They were right on time...considering ...

someone give me hershey's kisses I AM CRAVING FOR THEM

had my first hershey bar today, america was onto something, ...

... u did not just compare him to a Hershey kiss!!?! I will cry right now!!!! Liddol ...


Yesterday, Saturday, May 30, we saw positive social sentiment for Hershey Company (The) (HSY). We gave it a score of 22. There was little activity, such as likes and shares, on social media.

Over the prior 7 days we calculated an average sentiment score of -2 (neutral). Over the prior 14 days our AI scored an average sentiment of 1 (neutral). And for the prior 30 days our social sentiment score for Hershey Company (The) (HSY) is -1 (neutral).

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