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Coca-Cola is even poisonous. Giving a kid Coca-Cola is wrong. Let alone poisoning the minds of of our children that Coca-Cola is pure niceness. That's why on their website, Coca-Cola have a STRICT policy NEVER to advertise ...

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Last year, it was @RyanLuza scoring the win at @RichmondRaceway in the Coca-Cola iRacing Series. He's won two straight this year ... can he make it three tonight? 9 PM ...

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... #NationalHaveACokeDay. Coca-Cola was invented on this day in 1886.


Yesterday, Saturday, May 30, we saw positive social sentiment for Coca-Cola Company (The) (KO). We gave it a score of 10. There was little activity, such as likes and shares, on social media.

Over the prior 7 days we calculated an average sentiment score of 4 (neutral). Over the prior 14 days our AI scored an average sentiment of 7 (neutral). And for the prior 30 days our social sentiment score for Coca-Cola Company (The) (KO) is 4 (neutral).


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